Cupcake Unicorn

2 cool sets now @ AIM Accessories Event

LUNA Body Art - Cupcake Nails.::LUNA::. Body Art – Cupcake Nails for SLink and Vista Bento

LUNA Body Art - Unicorn Nails.::LUNA::. Body Art – Unicorn Nails for SLink and Vista Bento


Wild Flower


LUNA Body Art - Wild Flower Nails

.::LUNA::. Body Art Wild Flower for SLink & Vista Bento


Peace By Peace Hunt 1
May 1st – 31st, 2017

..:: Cost: L$1 Hunt ::..

Hint: Do you like macaroons?

LUNA Summery Nails

.::LUNA::. Body Art – Summery SLink and Vista Bento Nails


For the Moolto Hunt “SPRING FLING”
MAY 1 – JUNE 1, 2017

Hint: I love Calla Lillies.

LUNA Body Art - Ombre Nails

.::LUNA::. Body Art – Ombre Nails for SLink and Vista Bento


Now @ Maisntore Exclusive set made for SOS Event.

LUNA Animal

.::LUNA::. Body Art – Animal Nails for SLink and Vista Bento Hands


Now @ Maisntore

Exclusive set made for InspirationSL Event.

LUNA Paisley

.::LUNA::. Body Art – Paisley Nails & Tattoo